This is what my hardware hardware setup looks like at the end of 2015.

Home Setup

Home Setup

Mac mini

This is the source of data-truth in my world. I have a Drobo (version 3) attached that stores all Photography, iTunes Media, and archived documents. This machine is connected to Backblaze and has an external hard drive for Time Machine backups.

The goal is to always get files into this machine to begin their backup cycle to Backblaze and Time Machine.

I run the Flickr Uploadr application from this machine to automate photography uploads to Flickr and Dropbox syncs all files to this machine and then I manually shuffle items to the Drobo for archiving.

This machine is connected to a 24-inch 2008 Apple LED Cinema Display, an Apple keyboard with numeric keypad, and I use an Apple magic mouse.

Drobo 3rd Generation

This is my 2nd Drobo. I have not had any issues with Drobo and have upgraded the drives many times. I moved from Gen 2 to Gen 3 for the much fasher USB 3.0 interface. I also back up this drive to Backblaze.

Drobo Gen 3

Drobo Gen 3 on Amazon

Hard Drive Mounts

I have two docs for a total of three mounts. I use these to make full drive clones of my Drobo and to connect a drive for TimeMachine on my Mac mini. It is also very handy to have these docs to reformat disks and move massive amounts of data around.

Thermaltake BlacX Duet

NewerTech Voyager S3

Mobile Setup

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013)

MacBook Pro

This is my work-provided machine. I use it 85% of the time. All work projects and most personal projects live here. I could use more battery and a 2 TB SSD would make storing all my files possible, but this is the best machine for my work. I prefer the 13-inch over the 15-inch model. This size makes moving to and from meetings a breeze.

I work almost exclusively in Dropbox on this machine. Although I selective sync to save space and keep most personal items away from any prying corporate eyes.

When at my desk at work I dock to an 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display. I work with the laptop closed and type on the Apple keyboard with numeric keypad and mouse with a Razor Death Adder.

Razor Death Adder

Razor Death Adder on Amazon


I am using a Space Gray iPhone 6 64GB. I tried getting the 16GB model last time in attempt to save some money. I will never do this again. Pay the money. It is a law of the universe that you will fill your 16GB device up while recording the most adorable photo of your child mid-cuteness.

I miss the flat edges of the 5s. I found it very useful to set up on end for photography and video watching. I want to go back to the 5s screen size next go round. I might sacrifice camera and speed to get this.

After my first ever screen-shattering drop I now am using a case. The frame is still slightly curved from the incident. This is likely all a result of the drop but this is still my least favorite iPhone to date.

Mujjo Wallet Case

Mujjo Wallet Case on iPhone 6

This is the case that I added after my iPhone tumble. It is not prioritizing protection but does provide some friction and grippiness. This is the only wallet I carry now.

Mujjo iPhone 6 Wallet Sleeve

iPad Pro

iPad Pro with Inateck Sleeve Case

Most of the year I was using a Space Gray iPad mini 64GB with LTE. I really loved the small size for reading and watching video with my daughter. However for sketching and writing I really wish I had the larger size.

I am now using a 128GB Space Gray iPad Pro. It is the best iPad ever. After taking my wife and daughter to an Apple store twice to try out the Apple Pencil I had to buy it. Watching my kid draw so quickly and intuitively made it easy to drain some money from my bank account.

When launching Panic's Prompt 2 I felt like I was holding a giant terminal window and it was really awesome. I am giving my comic book library a second read on this device and it is glorious.

Still waiting for the damn Apple Pencil to show up though. I guess Apple really ment 4-5 weeks.

Inateck Sleeve Case Cover

I needed something to provide a little amount of protection when I chuck the giant screen on the couch or in a bag. This case is doing the job just fine. It even has a few pockets for storing cables and the pencil (when it finally arrives). It also comes with an extra storage pouch and microfiber cloth for under $30.

Inateck Sleeve Case Cover

Apple Watch

This device reminds me of the joy I got from the original iPhone. Limited but rewarding. I have the 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band. My favorite part of the watch is seeing temperature, meeting times, and never having my phone make noise.

I use the modular face and haven't settled on the complications just yet. Temperature and calendar always make the rotation.

This isn't for everyone but if the original iPhone made you happy you will probably like the Watch.

Jabra Revo Headphones

Jabra Revo Headphones

I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks. I hate having cables draped around jakcets, bags, and keyboards. Using bluetooth headphones makes it hard to go back to wired headphones. I'm not an audiophile but the quality of the sound is great to my ears and no lag or connection issues. One of my favorite purchases of the year.

Jabra Revo

Jabra Revo on Amazon

Victorinox Swiss Army knife

This knife is from the Apple Company Store in Cupertino. It has screw drivers and tools for taking electronics apart. It is incredibly useful, since it has knife and set of small screw drivers that fit just perfect on Apple computer hardware.

I had a friend pick it up for me since you can only buy them in person at the company store.

What's missing

The only item that feels dated in my hardware setup is my Cineama Display. It is essentially the same resolution as the 13 inch laptop. I want more pixels although the little mini may have a time driving a large display. I would also like for the Fusion drive in the Mac mini to be pure SSD but the large storage in the Drobo is made of spinning disks so true speed increases would need that to be all SSD as well.

All my junk