Here are my frequent reads, visits, or listens as far as content goes. I don't relaly use social media in any form these days. I've essentially removed any infinitely scrolling app or site from my world. I check in using RSS or when I remember to check. I even follow Youtube channels I care about on RSS.

Items are in random order.


Kottke: Opinionated pop culture stuff.

Bjango: Great UI/Icon designer I've seen. More technical craft and knowledge than anyone.

Brian Lovin: Designer at Github has nice articles, and a great primer on investing.

Go Make Things: Good intro and mid level JavaScript knowledge

Hakim: Visual designer/dev, cool animation demos.

Joel Hooks: Dev with good articles on random stuff.

The Lost Art Press: Independent woodworking publisher.

Maggie Appleton: Illustrator/Art Director that does great development based illustrations.

Paul Stamatiou: Designer/Photographer from Twitter, lots of gear and tech posts. Cool travel photos.

Tania Rascia: Dev with great articles on code. She also changes her site layout ~2x a month fun to watch.

Tailwind Labs: Tailwind demos and tutorials.

Colossal: Random Art Stuff

tecmath: Learn to calculate % in your head and a million other math tricks.

Zach Leatherman: Dev behind 11ty working at Netlify.


I use Youtube as entertainment and a serious educational tool to learn new skills and solve problems I run into.

Media Division: Very technical recreation of classic camera and lens setups.

Mike Farrington: Master cabinet and furniture maker, dude is crazy detailed and fun to watch his process.

Baumgartner Restoration: Watch a guy restore very old paintings.

Blender Secrets: More Blender tips in 30 seconds than you will get from hours of other folks.

Bobbo Andonova: Character artist, learn how to draw faces, etc.

Bruce Yeany: High school science, physics, chemistry.

Engineer Guy: You will never look at aluminum cans the same way again.

Every Frame a Painting: Commentary on film.

Game Maker's Toolkit: Analysis of video game mechanics.

Kenji López-Alt: First person view of a professional chef cooking at home.

Girlfriend Reviews: Matt and Shelby crack me up and I watch them on Twitch regularly.

TL;DR: Advanced JavaScript concepts

Crafsman SteadyCraftin: Mr. Rodgers + Bob Ross + occasional cajun cooking. Also how to make molds and stuff.

Workphlo: Product photography with 1 light.

Kurzgesagt: Science and philosophy set to cartoons.

Lessons from the Screenplay: Writing commentary on film.

Paul Sellers: Learn to use hand tools for woodworking.

Ian Hubert: Extremely funny window into an expert Blender user.


I rotate podcasts constantly but these are things that are either in my feed currently or memorable enough to list.

ATP: I don't listen to every episode but I generally like hearing their tech talking points.

The Talk Show: I enjoy hearing John's opinion and the guests he brings don't always agree with him which is nice.

The Incomparable: Pop culture critique, fun take on tv, movies, books, music from fellow nerds.

Cautionary Tales: Stories about people messing up.

99% Invisible: Stories about design, most don't turn out like you think they will.

Liftoff: Space stuff little bit history but mostly new space content.

After On: Interview podcast with experts in emerging fields. Lots of big ideas here.

Roderick on the Line: Stories about nothing. I have laughed and cried more during this show than any other.

Upgrade: Current Apple tech commentary.

You're Wrong About: Two journalists retro on past media events.

What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law: Reminds me of my media law class in college.

Hypercritical: Apple nerd criticising Apple.

Dithering: This is a paid podcast (link is to the preview feed). Very critical thinking applied to tech and politics.

Hello Internet: Two nerds talk about stuff.

Against the Rules: What happened to fairness?