How I’m using Bear + Shortcuts to make journal entries.

shourcuts on iOS

Dark Sky API

Dark Sky

To get weather data I used the Dark Sky API. You can make a free account to use with the journal shortcuts (or delete the weather part of the Shortcuts after you download them).

Make an account at Dark Sky and copy your Secret Key from the dashboard.

Use the key during setup of the shortcuts listed below.

Journal Entry

iOS Journal Shortcut

  1. Makes a new entry in Bear
  2. Adds tags for date
  3. Adds tag for location (zip-code)
  4. Logs latitude & longitude
  5. Adds weather

Journal from Image

iOS Image Journal Shortcut

  1. Makes a new entry and Bear
  2. Adds the image you select to the note
  3. Adds tags for date of image
  4. Adds tag for location (zip-code) of image
  5. Logs latitude & longitude of image
  6. Adds weather from day of image

Example Journal Entry Output

example journal entry header

The nested date tags let you search entries by year, month, and day. The location tags let you search entries grouped by zip-code.

example tags by date

example tags by zip